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Broken Marriage – How to save a broken marriage

Love Spells are my most common requests and I do offer them in four different strengths levels. As one of the most powerful spell casters that you will ever have the chance of working with, these spells can help you achieve your love and relationship problems.
Love Spells can be cast to help achieve a Lost Lover back to your life, my spells are designed to help when you need Someone to Fall in Love with You, Or Call your Soul-Mate into your life, or they are designed to help remove any problems or obstacles from your relationship or marriage. Please keep in mind that all my spells are 100% customized and personalized to your specific situation and can help address love and relationship problems with one single love spell.
For example, If your partner has called off your wedding, has left you for another person and doesn’t forgive you the mistakes that you have done in the past, then I will design a customized spell for you that includes parts of a Break-up Spell, Get your Ex Back Spell, Marriage Spell, Faithfulness Spell as well as cleansing the foundation of your relationship and removing any negative feelings that may linger between you. There is no need to order several spells, but one single love spell that will work on all problems simultaneously.

Getting a true love is everyone’s dream which most of people spend the rest of their lives pursuing to get. It is also one of the most difficult things to get and also the most difficult thing to handle and last with it for so long. Being with someone who loves you gives a true meaning in our lives which makes love to be priceless in either ways.
Getting the right person you can spend the rest of your live with is not easy but when you use love spells that really work, it may make things easier for you and get a love of your life. Love spells are one of the tools which our ancestors used to find their soul mates and hold on to them so that they can stay together in life full of joy and happiness.
Many people worldwide doing their best to cast this major magic spell trying to make their love lives a better ones however it is not so easy to find someone who casts these love spells truly and accurate unless the only chosen few who are gifted, received  proper training and spent the rest of their lives perfecting the art.

Broken Marriage – How to save a broken marriage
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Love spells – Various Types of Love Spell
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Spell Descriptions
Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Especially if you cast the attraction spell upon the target of your dreams. The Attraction spell has been known to cause the recipient to become insatiably drawn to the one who orders this spell to be cast.

Attract Good Luck
Cast the Attract Good Luck spell upon yourself or someone else if you wish to be surrounded by luck. This is a good spell to cast upon yourself if you plan to go to the races. The attract good luck spell can cancel a bad luck spell and can also put an end to a streak of bad luck. The Attract Good Luck spell replenishes the level of luck in your life.

Attract Lovers and Admirers
Cast the Attract Lovers and Admirers spell upon yourself (or someone else) to cause a magnet affect that attracts lovers and admirers. This spell helps the recipient of this spell to dispel lonliness and draw the company and companionship of others who might otherwise pass on by. This is a good spell to cast upon yourself if you find yourself spending time alone or want to find someone to be with. Cast this spell upon yourself, then go to where people are so that they can notice you. This spell could be just what you need in order to help attract someone very, very special--even a soul mate.

Bad breath
The Bad breath spell has successfully caused halitosis in the one who receives this spell. Bad breath will cause others to shun him or her.

Bad hair day
The Bad hair day spell has successfully caused its recipients to become frustrated over their inability to look well-groomed. Note, this spell only works on someone who is deserving of it. People who base their entire self worth on their appearance could be devastated by this spell. While someone who finds value in things other than themselves may not be terribly frustrated by this spell. The severity of impact depends entirely upon the personality of the recipient.

The beloved spell will cause your recipient to become preoccupied with falling in love with you. Your image, your touch, your presence will be foremost in the mind of the one who receives this spell.

The Breakup spell has successfully caused the falling apart of two people. Please note that this spell only works on people who are not meant for each other. Slightly different from the Split-up spell, this spell causes animosity between people, thereby causing a rift in their relationship. This spell actually causes a relationship to deteriorate from friction between the two, whereas the split-up spell causes situations to occur which keep people apart, eventually severing their relationship.

The call-me spell places a very strong yearning in the recipient to call you, see you, or contact you by any means available or possible.

Calmness and Tranquility
Cast this spell upon one who is uneasy, nervous, or fretting about a situation or a decision at hand. This spell is said to bring peace of mind to one who is at war with the innerself. This spell can be safely used on anyone who is experiencing an inner struggle or tension about making a choice. It has been used to bring calmness and tranquility into the life one one who is afraid, unsure, and uncertain about which path to take. Once an individual is calm and relaxed, their judgment is wiser, and the choices they make are more likely to be correct.

Cancel spell or hex
Cast this spell to cancel a hex, bad spell, or negative omen that someone has sent your way. The cancel spell or hex will protect you from the affect of a negative wish or spell.

The cherish spell invades the recipient with an irresistable urge to cherish you, cling to you, and to hold you in high regard.

The commitment spell can bring the target of your dreams back into oneness with your relationship. Even the worst rambler can be made to settle down with the commitment spell. The commitment spell heals a fickle heart.

It has long been believed that the courage spell can bestow an unusual courage upon the individual who receives this spell. Courage gives an individual the edge they need to stand up against the odds and to win when the chances are slim. Courage is the absence of fear. Courage drives away weak feelings.

The Depression spell only works on an individual who is truly deserving of it. The Depression spell causes loss of happiness and hope. It causes an individual to dwell upon the negative and forget the positive, thus causing a feeling of utter hopelessness. Additionally, it causes an individual with a superiority complex to doubt themselves, bringing feelings of shame and self-pity into their lives.

The Devotion spell saturates your loved one with the aspiration of maintaining a unified, solid relationship with you and only you.

The Dislikable/Unpopular spell is only affective on one who thinks highly of themselves and is deserving of this spell. This spell causes shallow people to say and do things which reveal their true nature to those around them. The Dislikable/Unpopular spell compels shallow people to say and do things that bring their shallowness into light so that all can see and know. They can no longer hide under pretense, and they will be shunned.

The Empathy spell will cause the recipient to feel empathy toward others, especially the one who is ordering this spell. The Empathy spell recipient will gain the ability to understand another`s situation and empathize with that person. The receiver of the Empathy spell will possess the ability to put themselves into the shoes of another, and thus be able to envision what another person is going through.

The Energy spell will cause the recipient to have the desire to move more, be more active, do more things, go places, be more lively. The recipient of this spell will have the urge to get up and do things rather than sit around and be sedentary. This spell is good for people who cannot sleep, because it helps them to be more active, thus making them more tired at bed time.

The Enticement spell will jolt your recipient's emotions, setting a craving for you into the mind of the one who receives this spell. This is a bewitching spell which causes a mysterious drawing force between you and the target of your dreams.

The Failure spell is only affective on an individividual who thinks highly of themselves or is deserving of this spell. Failure will cause even the most successful individuals to topple, rendering their efforts to recover useless. Until such time that they learn to become caring, loving human beings, their financial endeavors will fail. Their attempts to create and build will fail.

Cast the Faithfulness spell on someone with whom you wish to form a sexual bond of chastity and unity with one and only one individual. The Faithfulness spell compels an individual to desire only one mate.

The Fat spell is only affective on an individual who thinks highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Fat spell has successfully increased the appetite of even the most petite individuals, causing serious weight gain. For those individuals who are already overweight, this spell can cause their condition to explode.

It has long been believed that the Fertility spell can encourage even the most barren wombs to conceive. After this spell is cast, a warm feeling is sometimes felt in the womb from the power of the spell. Casting this spell can bring bounty and happiness to an otherwise empty family.

Financial Loss
The Financial Loss spell is only affective on an individividual who thinks very highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Financial Loss spell has been used to cause monetary failure to the recipient. This monetary loss can occur in the form of theft, bad decisions, or disaster.

Find Soul Mate
Cast the Find Soul Mate spell upon yourself to pull together forces to help to make it easier for you to find your soul mate. Using this spell greatly increases your chance of success in finding your match. Someone is out there, and they are for you. All you have to do is find them. This spell will help you do just that.

Forget Bad
Cast the Forget Bad spell upon someone who needs to let go of a painful past. The ability to stop reliving the past and go on with life is beyond the reach of some who have had a very difficult or unfair past. It is recommended to use this spell in situations where a loved one or friend is trying to put their past behind them and move on.

Casting the forgiveness spell upon someone else, or upon yourself, will cause the heart to soften, the mind to forget bad things. The Forgiveness spell can bring about amends between you and the one you cast this spell upon. This spell helps the receiver to forget and forgive.

Casting the Generosity spell upon someone else, or upon yourself, will cause the recipient's mind to free up and the heart to soften to the point where sharing and kindness are part of the recipient's personality. The Generosity spell recipient will no longer be afraid to give to others. This spell has been known to turn the most selfish person into a giver. This spell removes the recipient's reasons for withholding from others.

Get well
The Get well spell is to be cast upon one who is ill or has fallen into a weakened condition. For centuries the Get well spell has been used to draw strength to an infirmed body and heal ailments of many different types, regardless of how severe.

A wonderful, natural way to lift the spirits of someone you love. Or if you know someone who has fallen upon hard times, heartache, or bad luck, happiness will uplift their life in a way that no other spell can.

The Headache spell is only affective on an individividual who thinks very highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Headachespell has been  known to bring down even the strongest with piercing pain, and in severe cases, agony.

Similar to the Get well spell; however, the Healingspell is meant for more serious illnesses. The Healing spell has been used for centuries to heal catastrophic conditions which were previously thought to be long-term or even the end of one's life. The Healing spell can work to different degrees, from slightly to dramatically, depending upon aura's acceptance in the recipient.

Cast the Honesty spell upon someone who is not being straight with you. The honesty spell has been used for hundreds of years to encourage the recipient to be forthright in communication and not deceitful. It has been known to drive the compulsive liar to truth.

The one who receives this spell will honor and cherish you. The honor spell bestows upon your recipient a sincere appreciation for you. Your recipient will be compelled to place you in high regard. This spell causes the target notice your worth as a human being and your value as a member of society.

The Illness spell is only affective on an individividual who thinks very highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Illness spell has been known to cause short and long-term diseases to the recipient of this spell.

The infatuation spell causes the recipient to possess an insatiable craving for you. The target of your dreams will see only your beauty and will not find anyone else as beautiful. The recipient will be intensely drawn to you and will be preoccupied with thoughts of you.

Justice Prevail
Cast the Justice Prevail spell upon someone who is trying to get away with being dishonest, unjust, rude, cruel, or deceiptful. Justice Prevail is for bringing justice upon someone who might otherwise get off scot-free for their misdeeds. Justice Prevail brings forces together that help to make the spell recipient accountable for his or her actions.

Cast the Knowledge spell upon someone who needs to retain or obtain knowledge. If one needs information or knowing, then it can come by way of the knowledge spell. The knowledge spell can help the recipient find the truth and find answers. The knowledge spell can assist with retaining knowledge.

Cast the Like spell upon one whom you find attractive but with whom you do not yet wish to enter into a long, involved relationship. Cast this spell if you wish to "test the water" with this individual. The Like spell is light, lively, and fun, with no strings attached.

Cast the Likeable (AKA "popularity") spell upon yourself or someone you love for enhancement of the social life. Not everyone is easily liked--some people need the assistance of this spell. The Likeable spell has been known to draw people toward even an abrasive person who normally repels others. Others are able to overlook differences and oddities and see beyond the surface. Others will be able to appreciate the inner beauty and the qualities that a person under this spell has to offer. The receiver of this spell will have a much better chance of attracting the admiration of others.

Cast the Locate spell upon one whom you seek. The locate spell will help you find your missing loved one wherever they are, no matter how long they have been gone. Use this spell to find someone you've been looking for.

The Longevity spell has been used since ancient times to increase the life span. Longevity is something sought after and fought over.

The Longing spell will place a distracting yearning for you into the mind of your recipient. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you cast the Longing spell, your recipient's heart will grow even more fond, and will cause the target to become very preoccupied with thoughts of being with you.

Cast this spell if you are very serious about someone and are interested in a long-term, solid relationship with this individual. The love spell is not to be taken lightly. It is only for those who wish for a committed, dedicated relationship of love with another person. The love spell will place into the recipient a craving for your, to be with you and to love you. The love spell causes the target of your spell to have an ernest desire to be with you, and to cherish a monogomous relationship.

Cast the loyalty spell on someone you wish to form an allegiance with and one whose trust you wish to be able to count on. The Loyalty spell compels an individual to maintain steadfastness and fidelity in a relationship.

Cast the Marriage spell on someone who is afraid to take the step of finally getting married. If your lover has fears of marriage, use this spell. The Marriage spell has brought permanent union to many couples that otherwise would not be able to be joined in matrimony.

The one who receives the passion spell will possess an insatiable desire to be intimate with you. The recipient of this spell will become preoccupied with thoughts of being with you, intimately. This is an erotic spell.

Peace and Harmony
The goal of the Peace and Harmony spell is to destroy fear, anger, and turmoil and replace it with tranquility. Peace and Harmony replaces negativity with uplifting, positive feeelings.

The goal of the Prosperity spell is to quell poverty and replace it with abundance. "Marsha" (real name withheld) had this spell cast upon herself recently and won the lottery. Others have used this spell to find high-paying jobs, wealthy lovers, and more.

The Protection spell has been used since ancient times to bring protection to the one this spell is cast upon. Protect yourself or your loved one from negative forces, other spells, and evil. The Protection spell is used to protect someone from harm. If you or someone you know is in a dangerous situation, the Protection spell may be the choice for you.
This spell is also used to protect other spells against resistance and other outside negative forces. Cast the Protection spell in combination with one or more other spells to protect them from resistance and other negative forces.

Purify the aura
The Purify the aura spell has been used for centuries to purify the aura of the recipient. Purifying the aura brings strength, wisdom, and courage. It cleanses the aura of negativity and things that will weaken the aura. Purifying the aura removes negative energy, evil forces, and other unwanted effects.

An individual who is the target of the reconciliation spell will have a yearning to make amends with you. This spell will induce the recipient with a sincere desire to surrender hostility, renounce anger, turn a new leaf, and ultimately become aware that they have lost something dear that they wish to regain.

Remove obstacles
The Remove obstacles spell is intended to do exactly what it says: "Remove obstacles." Obstacles can be a meddling or manipulative person, someone in a position of power that is blocking your happiness or success, or any situation that is preventing you from succeeding in some way.

One who receives the respect spell will realize your true worth as a human being and a valuable member of society. Their eyes, which were once clouded, will see clearly and they will know your importance. They will come to hold you in high esteem. An obstruction was preventing them from seeing the real YOU, but the respect spell will remove the obstruction, allowing the recipient to see you as the vital individual that you are.

Return To Me
The Return To Me spell has been used for agest past in order to bring back someone you care about. This spell can cause a wandering person to have a change in heart and come back, return, to where they belong. Do not mistake this spell for the Locate spell which is used to find the whereabouts of person whose current location is unknown. This spell is to put a desire into the heart of the recipient to return. The spell is to make a person want to return, and thereby compel them to return to you on their own free will.

Reveal true nature
The Reveal true nature spell is cast upon those people who are hiding something. It is intended to reveal their true selves to those around them and reveal their secrets.

The Sad spell is only affective on an individividual who thinks very highly of themselves or is in some way deserving of this spell. The Sad spell has been known to cause a mood of sadness in the recipient. They do not know why they are sad. They just feel sad. This spell removes happiness.

The Split-up spell is only affective on individividuals who are not meant for each other or are in some way deserving of this spell. The Split-up spell has been known to cause division between people by causing circumstances beyond their control which keep them apart, eventually deteriorating their relationship. A bit different from the break up spell, the split up spell causes dissolution of a relationship by circumstances rather than animosity.

Cast the Steadfastness spell on someone with whom you wish to form a bond of chastity, unity and oneness--one whose trust you wish to be able to count on. The Steadfastness spell compels an individual to maintain steadfastness and chastity in a relationship.

Stop Meddling
The Stop Meddling spell is cast upon people who interfere with your personal life or someone else's personal affairs. This spell is designed to block meddling and bring a halt to interference.

The Strength spell is cast upon people who need to become stronger, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

The Success spell is a bit different from the Prosperity spell, because its goal is to produce success in a particular endeavor, not necessarily in the form of financial success. for example, if you or someone you know has been trying to break into a rewarding and satisfying career, then the Success Spell may be what you would choose.

A bit stronger than the Like spell, the Sweetheart Spell causes the recipient to desire your  presence, hear your voice, delight in your smile. Only cast this spell if you think there is a possibility that you could fall in love with the recipient, perhaps not right away, but sometime.

Cast the tenderness spell to knock off the rough edges of your relationship. Does your loved one need to be kinder, gentler? This spell is meant to bring back the calmness and mild manner you seek.

The Tired spell is only affective on individividuals who thinks very highly of themselves or are in some way deserving of this spell. The Tired spell has been known to destroy the energy level of the recipient, rendering them listless and lethargic. This lethargy is annoying to those around the recipient, because they often view the recipient as being lazy or unwilling to put forth effort.

Use the Trust spell for placing trust into the heart of another person, especially one who is prone to paranoia or other untrusting behavior. The Trust spell has been known to bestow trust and goodwill into the heart and mind of even those who were never before able to trust another person.

The want-me spell will place a drawing need for you into the heart of the recipient. The one who receives this spell will become magnetized toward you and will want to gravitate in your direction. This individual will become preoccupied with feelings of having to be with you.

Weight Loss
The Weight Loss spell has been used by many people to overcome a habit of compulsive eating, and eating when they are not hungry. The reason people become overweight is because they eat when they are truly not hungry. The Weight Loss spell has proven to successfully remove one's desire to eat at a time when they are not hungry, thus causing successful weight loss.

Will Power
The Will Power spell provides the recipient with a boost of will power to overcome a bad habit, an obsession, a negative tendency, or to avoid doing bad things. Cast this spell upon someone (or yourself) to help overcome smoking, over-eating, gambling, drinking, unfaithfulness, drugs, or any other negative habit or negative desire. The Will Power spell helps provide added strength when temptation is near. The old saying is true, It's a good life if we do not weaken, and the Will Power spell can help us do just that. Stay on track with the Will Power spell.

The Wisdom spell has been used for centuries to provide people with a increased capacity of knowing how to act, speak, and think successfully in different situations. Wisdom allows an individual to have greater insight into others and to understand the behavior of others.

The Worry spell is only affective on individividuals who thinks very highly of themselves or are in some way deserving of this spell. The Worry spell has been known to cause even the most optimistic individual to fall into pessimism and negativity. In severe cases, the individual must be medicated in order to overcome a nervous condition caused by continuous worry.
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